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We Craft Stories Representative of Your Brand

Propel Productions is your go-to source for all your video production needs.

In an industry where overpricing for services seems common place,

we've broken that mold, while maintaining the highest quality and professionalism.

Boasting a wealth of experience with clients both small and large, our team of

filmmakers, graphic artists, and marketers work with your business or organization to

craft stories representative of your brand. We take your projects from

concept development to distribution. We tell your story using the latest

technology and storytelling techniques, and reaching your intended audience through

the power of social media. Be it a non-profit or corporate, big budget or micro, we're here to Propel Your Story!

"You can spend more, but you don't have to."

-Andrew McLindon, Founder


Propel Your Story

The Secret Of Adoption

The story of an international adoption that pushes a mother to her breaking point.

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Like Father, Like Son

A powerful story of life in the harsh Louisiana Bayou, and a father who just won't take no for an answer.

Hi Nabor Supermarket

A commercial detailing the Covid-19 accommodations Hi-Nabor has made to continue serving the community.

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Frank's Restaurant

A spot celebrating the post Covid-19 Grand Re-Opening of Frank’s Restaurant.

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Project Stills

Sky 2
human life
Hi Nabor Ad
distant light
ScreenHunter 911
ScreenHunter 910

Concept Development to Distribution

At Propel, we understand the importance of not just creating high quality videos and films, but the importance of getting that content in front of your audience.

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Social Media is a battleground these days. Even phenomenal content can fail to have the desired reach due to over-saturation and rapidly changing algorithms. Our marketers and social media experts work to get your brand on screens in front of the people YOU want to target.

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Running a business, being an entrepreneur, requires wearing a lot of different hats. The value of being able to remove one of those hats and hand it off to someone else is immeasurable. That’s why Propel offers not only marketing of your branded content, but also broader Social Media Management services across all platforms. Responding to comments, answering questions, running paid ads, and creating frequents posts is a time sink for most businesses, and requires tons of trial and error. Let our team come in and implement a proven strategy to grow your audience, speak to your client base, and get your valuable time back.

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