Propel Productions is your go-to source for all your video production needs. In an industry where overpricing for services seems common place, we've broken that mold, while maintaining the highest quality and professionalism. Boasting a wealth of experience with clients both small and large, our team of filmmakers, graphic artists, and marketers work with your business or organization to craft stories representative of your brand. We take your projects from concept development to distribution. We tell your story using the latest technology and storytelling techniques, and reaching your intended audience through the power of social media. Be it a non-profit or corporate, big budget or micro, we're here to Propel Your Story!


What we do


Propel Production Studio offers services that helps your business stand out, which is essential to the success of any company operating in today’s world. There are constant changes that are taking place in the marketing techniques available for businesses. Video Production, Motion Graphics, Social Media Management, and Presentation Development are some of the ways we help businesses and organizations grow and maintain their clientele. We are on the mission of providing our clients with top-shelf customer service. We give your project our laser-focused attention so that you stand head & shoulders above the rest of the crowd.


Video is the most popular format of communication and ever growing on multiple social platforms. Put a face to your brand and connect with your customers in a professional way.


Even phenomenal content can fail to have the desired reach due to over-saturation and rapidly changing algorithms. Our marketers and social media experts work to get your brand on screens in front of the people YOU want to target.


Podcasts are great way to get your message out in audio or video format. Choose a theme, map out your thoughts, and lets record! We have a studio with equipment ready to go. All you have to do is pull up a chair and we will take care of the rest.


Motion Graphics are a combination of multimedia digital formats to create the illusion of motion and animation. Bring your photos and text to life using an innovative way of technology.


Similar to Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi is a visual aid to balance and elevate your presentation.


With the digital age constantly growing, every business needs a place where customers can go to retrieve information about the company. Bad websites can deter new business. We are here to help.

See the re-design of The NXT Entrepreneur's website


Our Work

At Propel, we understand the importance of not just creating high quality videos and films, but the importance of getting that content in front of your audience. Running a business, being an entrepreneur, requires wearing a lot of different hats. The value of being able to remove one of those hats and hand it off to someone else is immeasurable. We work with you to bring your vision to life the way YOU intended it to be.


Like Father, Like Son

A powerful story of life in the harsh

Louisiana Bayou, and a father who just won't take no for answer.


The Secret of Adoption

The story of an international adoption that pushes a mother to her breaking point.

Hi Nabor Ad.jpg

Hi Nabor Supermarket

A commercial detailing the Covid-19 Accommodations Hi-Nabor has made to continue serving the community.

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